Two HTP Resident-Companies Won Brand of the Year 2013 Award

27 January 2014

Two HTP resident-companies (Itransition and Game Stream) became winners in different categories of the professional contest Brand of the Year 2013. The final stage of the contest and the award ceremony took place on January 24, 2014. The Brand of the Year Award is held annually in professional and consumer categories. It also has two honorary nominations: Socially Responsible Brand and Brand-Person; this year, however, the jury established one more nomination – Brand-AWARENESS – for the most recognizable brand.

Game Stream

For the first time in the thirteen-year history of the contest, the organizers had to introduce a special nomination to note the exceptional contribution of Game Stream in the development of Belarusian software projects and solutions and their promotion in the global market. The decision of the International Jury to award Game Stream in the category Brand-AWARENESS was largely dictated by the popularity of its MMO project World of Tanks. Today, one can hardly find a country on the world map where World of Tanks has never been heard of. The online game created by Belarusian developers won one of the oldest gaming awards – the Golden Joystick Awards twice in the past two years. The online tank battles are certainly most popular in the CIS countries. This year, the game has set a new record registered on the Russian cluster.

Victor Novochadov, Game Stream Director: "World of Tanks is a true Belarusian brand which is recognized and loved by many millions of users worldwide. It is nice to know that in many countries people learn about Belarus due to its achievements and developments, and due to World of Tanks, too. Gaining recognition and the award so special is not only honorable, but also obliges us. We, in turn, promise to do our best and use all our creativity to continue to delight our customers with an excellent software product, giving Belarusians another reason to be proud of their country..."


For the second consecutive year, the HTP resident-company Itransition was named the winner in the honorary nomination Socially Responsible Brand 2013, the category Best Employer. Itransition has been among the three largest Belarusian IT-companies by number of employees for several years. The main criterion for the International Jury was an active social policy of the employer: providing an expanded social package and opportunities for professional growth, creating new jobs. In 2013, Itransition opened its offices in Mogilev and Polotsk; the personnel number in its Grodno office and in the head office in Minsk increased significantly. The total number of the employees has reached 1,200.

Sergey Gvardeytsev, CEO of Itransition: "We are happy that our efforts to create the best conditions for Itransition employees were appreciated so highly. For two consecutive years, our company is recognized as the Best Employer of the year. The high growth rates – over 40% in 2013 – are great evidence of that. We will strive to continue to do everything possible for comfortable working and professional development of Itransition employees."

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The professional contest Brand of the Year has been held in Belarus since 2001. Its aim is to develop competitiveness and competencies of domestic enterprises in creating and promoting their own brands in the domestic and global markets. The contest is based on a professional assessment of brands strategies and a consumer evaluation of their popularity.