Young programmers: "We want to work in HTP!"

22 January 2010

Senior students of Minsk gymnasium #2, among which there were winners of district and city academic competitions in informatics, had a unique opportunity to see Belarus Hi-Tech Park from inside and meet with real programmers during their visit to HTP on January, 22.

According to children, they "came to the Park to more closely get to know the programmer' profession, possibly their future place of work".

The excursion began with a multimedia presentation which took part in the modern HTP conference-hall. The pupils with interest got acquainted with new hi-tech solutions developed by Belarus IT-companies, which only 10 year ago were only to dream of: touch-screen technologies, mobile QR-code technologies and others. "Pure fantastic! - wondered the kids. - We can't believe Belarusian programmers really developed all this!"
Deputy Director of HTP Administration Alexander Martinkevich not only related about the Park, but also tried to clue the future graduates in on the range of modern IT professions.

Then the schoolchildren visited the production office of HTP resident-company "EPAM Systems", one of the largest software engineering services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, where watched the process of software production and met with "real programmers".

"We want to work in HTP!" - with these words the kids summed the excursion up

Alexander Rzheutskiy, Deputy Director of Minsk gymnasium #2, says:"It was a very useful and necessary excursion. The kids achieved both vivid impressions and useful knowledge, which surely is to come in handy in their future life. Thanks to this excursion to HTP the schoolchildren understood the importance of IT specialists and the essential role of technical education in the modern world."