HTP Announced 2014 Results

HTP Announced 2014 Results
12 March 2015
12 March 2015
Valery Tsepkalo, Director of the Hi-Tech Park Administration, announced HTP financial and operating results for 2014 during a press conference on March 12. He also pointed out HTP priorities for 2015 and answered reporters’ questions.

Growth rate

As of January 1, 2015, production and sales revenue of the HTP resident-companies amounted to BYR 6.96 trillion.

The growth rate over 2013 is 147%, or 126%– with due account of the deflator and USD exchange rate changes.

TOP-10 HTP resident-companies by sales:
1.EPAM Systems
2.Game Stream
3.IBA IT Park
5.Sberbank Technology
7.Apalon Technologies
8.System Technologies
10.ISsoft Solutions

Domestic market

HTP resident-companies are actively involved in implementation of major high-tech projects in Belarus and modernization of the country’s industry, the sales revenue reaching BYR 839.1 billion. The growth rate over 2013 is 116.6%.

TOP-10 suppliers to the Belarusian market:
1.IBA IT Park
2.System Technologies
3.SOFTCLUB Development Center
4.Sberbank Technology
5.Humen Systems
6.Light Well Organization


The HTP export of software and IT services totaled USD 585.2 million in 2014. The growth rate over 2013 is 131%. The share of exports in the HTP total production came to 88%.

TOP-10 exporters:
1.EPAM Systems
2.Game Stream
4.IBA IT Park
6.Apalon Technologies
7.ISsoft Solutions
9.Sberbank Technology
10.SaM Solutions

The HTP resident-companies provide services for customers from 56 countries. 43.5% of exports accounts for Western Europe, 40.1% – for the USA, and 14.4% – for the CIS countries.

TOP-10 HTP importers:
1.the USA
3.Great Britain
6.the Czech Republic
7.the Netherlands

Foreign investments

In 2014, the Hi-Tech Park attracted USD 34.3 million of foreign direct investments.
The following companies opened their R&D centers in the HTP:

SK Hynix Inc. (South Korea), the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker;

Rakuten, Inc. (Japan), one of the world’s leading Internet companies, providing a variety of services including e-commerce, banking, credit card, e-money, eBooks & eReading, media, etc.;

IAC (the USA), a leading media and Internet company with over 150 brands across 100 countries.

Hi-Tech Park resident-companies

Currently, there are 137 companies registered in the Hi-Tech Park. In 2014, 12 companies were registered in the HTP, and9 companies were deprived of the HTP resident status (because of a merger or reorganization, among other reasons).

By the type of investment, 58 HTP resident-companies (42%) were established by Belarusian investors, 46 companies (34%) were set up by foreign investors, and 33 companies are joint.

As of January 1, 2015, the total number of HTP employees was 20,995. In 2014, 2,957 new workplaces were created in the Park.

TOP-10 HTP residents by number of employees:
1.EPAM Systems
2.Game Stream
4.IBA IT Park
5.ISsoft Solutions
6.Sberbank Technology
7.System Technologies
9.SaM Solutions
10.Top Soft

The most noticeable events in 2014

• Five HTP resident-companies appeared on the list of 100 best global outsourcing companies - The Global Outsourcing 100.

Eeight HTP resident-companies strengthened their positions in the Software 500 ranking published by Software Magazine, one of the world’s most influential software and information technology journals.

Belarus-Korea Information Access Center was opened in the HTP to focus on organizing educational activities in the field of information technology for the public, providing training for IT startuppers, conducting conferences and workshops, etc.

On November 3, 2014, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed Ordinance No.4 to introduce amendments and additions to Ordinance No.12 of 22 September 2005 "Concerning the Hi-Tech Park." The document enables HTP resident-companies to get involved in new science-intensive activities.

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