Proven and BSMU implement immersive learning technology

24 September 2021

HTP resident Proven together with the Belarusian State Medical University successfully implements immersive learning technology using virtual reality.

Proven developed a platform which teaches the BSMU students to perform auscultation, the medical method of listening to the internal sounds of the body using a stethoscope. Thus future doctors are able to examine a heart and lungs in virtual environment. This technology completes traditional training methods.


Practicing skills in virtual environment has several advantages compared to classical methods. The list of pathological sounds students may encounter during their studies at the university is not comprehensive. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly limits interaction with potential patients.

«Virtual reality training can be more effective. It helps to simulate the environment of a doctor’s office, examination process and determine areas for listening to heartbeats or internal sounds in lugs», note the Proven developers.

The company plans to expand cooperation with the BSMU. In future students will be able to estimate symptoms of various diseases, as well as conduct a full medical check-up.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.