Fare Collection System Developed by HTP Resident was Recognized as Best Vertical Solution of the Year in Europe

2 April 2015

IBA Group which includes the HTP resident-companies IBA IT Park and IBA Gomel Park was selected a winner of the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2015. IBA Group participated in the contest with its fare collection system (AFC) for Minsk public transport.

IBA Group was shortlisted as a solution provider in two categories – Public Sector and Utilities Solution of the Year and Vertical Solution of the Year, the latter becoming award-winning for IBA.

As IT Europa`s website says, "the 2015 European IT & Software Excellence Awards saw a return to confidence in the industry, with some of the highest scores ever recorded by the judges. Now in its seventh year, there were notable triumphs for companies from across Europe, with projects ranging from an open-source solution saving money in the UK`s NHS to automatic fare collection in Minsk."

Vadim Smotryaev, Director of Technical Division and AFC project manager at IBA ITPark, noted that the automated fare collection system was the first step in the implementation of Smart City technologies: "In the near future, the AFC system will go beyond Minsk to cover the suburbs and we intend to expand it to the entire country. IBA is currently developing smart card and NFC solutions that will be functioning not only in the transport sector but also in other areas and branches, including loyalty programs, libraries, and museums. We strive to make the Smart City technologies work for each customer, whether he or she uses a transport card, a bankcard, or a mobile phone."

Sergei Levteev, IBA Group Chairman: "It is the first time IBA Group submitted for the European IT & Software Excellence Awards a solution that comprises both hardware and software. The AFC system is an integrated suite of software programs and hardware devices ranging from management applications to high-level analytical tools. The city authorities can use the data provided by the AFC system to analyze passenger traffic, work of ticket inspectors, and operability of the entire system, gaining full control of the processes going on in the public transport. IBA Group has further plans to release innovative solutions to satisfy new demands of new clients in the changing world."

For reference:
Founded in 1993, IBA Group is one of the largest IT service providers in Eastern Europe with more than 2,500 IT and business professionals performing software development, migration, maintenance, support, and IT consulting services. Headquartered in Prague, the Czech Republic, IBA Group has offices and development centers in 10 countries, including Belarus. IBA IT Park and IBA Gomel Park are HTP residents.

The European IT & Software Excellence Awards is organized by IT Europa, the leading provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis on the European IT marketplace and the primary channels that serve it. The contest is intended to recognize the crucial role that ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), Solution Providers and Systems Integrators play in the delivery of real world solutions. IBA Group has been a participant of the European IT & Software Excellence Awards since its inception in 2008. Prior to 2015, the company was named a winner in 2014, 2012, and 2011.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.