Vladimir Chernitsky, Director of Exadel: Advantage of Belarusian IT Companies is Quality

Vladimir Chernitsky, Director of Exadel: Advantage of Belarusian IT Companies is Quality
11 April 2015
11 April 2015
Since Exadel`s Minsk office was opened in 2003, the number of employees has increased from 10 to 480 people; regional divisions have been established in Gomel, Vitebsk and Grodno.

The company works with customers from the USA and Western Europe and delivers various solutions, including software for VeriFone’s New York taxi application, a workflow management system for the US healthcare technology company Global Healthcare Exchange, a joint Exadel-Dual Lab game project, etc.

A Business Review`s reporter talked with Vladimir Chernitsky, Director of Exadel, about company`s activities and ways of handling the lack of IT professionals.

Vladimir Chernitsky: "Our company both develops our own products and provides outsourcing services. We work with our customers directly, without subcontractors, so our employees often go on business trips to the United States and all of them – from testers to managersspeak English fluently."

– What problem is the most pressing for the Belarusian IT sector today?

We are actively developing and facing the challenge all IT companies are experiencing – the lack of human resources. There are plenty of customers; professionals are who we need despite the large number of technical universities. There is the lack of employees in all IT companies: while we are currently seeking for about fifty professionals, some players have over a hundred vacancies.

–Is it the problem of the number of programmers or the quality of their education?

Not everyone can become a surgeon; not everyone can become a programmer either. With good knowledge of software development and fluent English, one can learn testing, but programming requires a calling, application and passion. A head of our science research division is also working as a university teacher to get the opportunity to invite the most talented students to work in the company. There are only few such students (1 or 2 persons in each group).

–Representatives of the IT industry have long been stating that wages for programmers are too high. What if all orders go to India?

I am sure that with science and technology developing rapidly, there is enough work for all programmers today. And there will be enough orders for everybody (for Americans, Indians and for us). The advantage of Belarusian IT companies is quality. Indeed, India’s population is huge and English is their second language but the customers we cooperate with point out the quality of our work and the high level of Belarusian specialists’ training.

–How do you motivate employees (apart from salary)?

Currently, salaries in IT companies are almost identical for middle-level employees. People are looking for more comfortable working conditions, a good team and a benefits package. For example, we provide financial support to young mothers, pay for sports, medical insurance and corporate parties. Our company is the Hi-Tech Park resident, and the HTP gave us three apartments in houses on its territory; we, in turn, offered them to our most valuable employees. We also lend money to our employees to purchase an apartment – our employees are happy that they have built their homes at a young age. In addition, a job at Exadel can be attractive to young people because of career prospects. While employees are easily overlooked in large companies, in our company a talented person cannot go unnoticed.

Pavel Beresnev
Business Review #11 (125), December 2014

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.