Hi-Tech Park Successfully Implements Public E-Service Projects

Hi-Tech Park Successfully Implements Public E-Service Projects
10 June 2015
10 June 2015
ERICPOL BREST presented successful innovative projects in the field of public e-services at the International Specialized Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Bank Technologies TIBO-2015.

Its nationwide automated information system (NAIS). Creating the NAIS has become a major project of the government informatization program Electronic Belarus and the national 2011-2015 program for accelerated development of ICT services.

TIBO-205 visitors had a possibility not just to see and evaluate the functionality of the upgraded Unified Portal of e-Services, a component of the NAIS, but also to propose new e-services. New services are to be introduced on the portal next year.

Another component of the NAIS – an innovative project for authentication using mobile devices implemented by ERICPOL BREST together with MTS, the National Center for e-Services and Avest was also demonstrated at the forum. The new technology should accelerate the transition to electronic document management in Belarus and simplify online access to personal information for citizens. If adopted as a national standard, digital signatures on SIM cards will enable individuals to use it more actively. ID in the Phone allows adding medical, insurance, taxation and other services.

The nationwide automated information system is not the first successful e-service project implemented by ERICPOL BREST. The company developed the Trade Register and the Register of Consumer Services and is currently working on some projects for the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus.

For reference:
The implementation of the nationwide automated information system started in 2007. It is designed to promote effective cooperation in providing e-services between public authorities, organizations and agencies. Today, the NAIS comprises interrelated software and hardware systems, public information resources and e-service portals.

Two following portals are operating within the NAIS:
- the Unified Portal of e-Services intended for both individuals and legal entities;
- the Portal for public authorities and organizations with a restricted access via secure channels. Only public authorities may use its services after mandatory authentication with a digital signature.

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