Active Cloud

Active Cloud  -- one of the lead providers of IT solutions, cloud services, hosting providing.

Among our clients: small and middle business, enterprise companies.
- 15 years of experience, more than 50,000 clients
- Convenient platform for managing of services
- R & D department with certified and unique specialists
- Technical support 24x7x365
- Comprehensive migration services
- Increase or decrease of resources depending on the needs of the

- Increased fault tolerance;
- Free trial period;
- Full cycle of creating cloud-based infrastructures of any complexity,
including expertise at all stages: from strategy creation to planning, design and
implementation of cloud solutions.

Certificates and statuses: ISO 9001 / IQnet, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, Microsoft Gold Partner.

UNP: 690277669
City: Array
Legal address: 42 Kalvariyskaya Str., 6 floor
Phone: +375 17 308-22-00
Experience: 19 years
  • Software development
  • Software-based advertising and intermediary services