IDA Technologies

IDA Technologies - Belarusian IT company, incorporated in 2019. Its domain is products developments for Mobile platforms. The company applies hybrid business model: it evelops own products (Product Development), as well as provides same services for the customers (Product Development Service Provider). The main scope of the company's developments is the mass market. The development process incorporates iOS, Android, C#, Unity3D etc. There are 6 employees in the company as of Oct 2019. The company's focus is the development of mobile products with potential to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

UNP: 193194601
City: Array
Legal address: Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 3B, room 128
Phone: +375-29 5557586
Experience: 5 years
  • Software development
  • Cloud-based development of hardware and software
  • IT-consulting