Byte protect

Private Enterprise BYTE PROTECT develops its own hi-tech software for business and industry.
The main areas of activity are:
- Office automation for insurance companies;
- IT-solutions for insurance fraud prevention; - IT-solutions for evaluation of vehicles and renewal costs; - Complex solutions for automation of cooperation between different companies in the single information space.
The conpany uses the following technologies to develop software:
Microsoft .NET Framework, WinAPI, Linux API, Unix API, COM/ COM+/ DCOM, Internet Information Services, J2EE, VoIP Services, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Linux; Unix.

UNP: 191661518
The number of employees: 11-50
City: Array
Legal address: 14 Partisanski av., Office 319
Phone: +375 17 2699204
Experience: 12 years
  • Software development