DevScience LLC

Devscience LLC is engaged in the creation and development of software and hardware systems to ensure technological sovereignty in the field of intelligent technologies in sports and rehabilitation. The invention generally relates to training devices and simulators for motor-cognitive training, devices for training and improving the executive functions of an athlete as part of physical exercises, as well as devices and systems for monitoring motor-cognitive readiness. Includes a methodologically supported platform and technical tools for the comprehensive development, assessment and safety of athletes during training activities. The proposed system contributes to the effective selection of athletes, analysis of their potential, increasing the duration of a sports career, as well as rehabilitation after injuries, illnesses or operations. In this context, the first product of the company is planned to be a software and hardware complex “Intelligent trainer of specific qualities Brain booster light” (BBL). BBL will allow you to train such specific qualities as reaction time, spatial coordination, movement speed, multitasking, speed memorization, attentiveness, peripheral vision, endurance, strategy development, prioritization and selection of priority tasks.

In addition, the company develops, modifies, tests and provides technical support for desktop, mobile and web applications, platforms with complex microservice architecture, as well as special software for video and audio analytics based on artificial intelligence.

UNP: 193690948
The number of employees: 11-50
City: Minsk
Legal address: 220073, 1st Zagorodny Lane 20, 1004
Phone: +375 44 7566923
Year of foundation: 2023
  • Software development
  • Hardware and software packages development
  • Neural networs, artificial intelligence (AI)
Sphere of competence:
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Sports, fitness

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Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.