InnoTech Solutions

The company's team is a highly professional team of like-minded people, a fusion of youth and experience. The main specialists of the company are graduates of different years of specialized specialties of the leading universities of Belarus, including BSU, BSUIR, BNTU, etc.

The company's team includes 2 candidates of technical sciences. A number of specialists have a master's degree in the profile activities of the company.
The company's specialists have many years of experience in implementing complex infrastructure projects in Belarus, the CIS countries and far abroad countries.
The company's achievements include the development and implementation of automated control and accounting systems for electricity, automated process control systems, automation systems for the activities of energy supply organizations in the housing and communal complex, ERP and CRM systems for state enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses, projects in the field of telecommunications and telemedicine, transport, information security, etc., including those based on our own software and hardware solutions and products.
We are highly competent in providing software and web development outsourcing services, application integration, business process analysis, software testing, maintenance and technical support.
The company's developments use the most modern information and telecommunication technologies, including:
WEB projects: Python, Django, Aiohttp, TypeScript, Angular, JavaScript, NodeJs;
programs for Windows: C#, .Net, WPF, WCF, Telerik or C++, Qt;
programs for Linux: C++, Qt;
mobile apps (iOS, Android): C#, Xamarin, Telerik;
DBMS: MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Oracle;
technologies for creating CRM and ERP systems: Odoo, 1C,
as well as a number of other software products and platforms.
The main activities of the company:
Analysis, design and software of information systems includes:
design, development, documentation and implementation of information systems and complexes, software for any platform;
development of programs according to the requirements of the Customer (User);
design, development and implementation of automated control systems, including enterprise resource management (ERP systems), customer management (CRM systems), process control (APCS), etc.;
provision of services for the implementation, technical support, maintenance, operation of information systems and complexes, software, including training in work (training) with these systems or software. As part of the implementation, project preparation, development of a conceptual project (description of business processes and their analysis, development of design solutions), implementation of a system prototype (system configuration, development of test scenarios, development of system functionality extensions, functional testing of the system), preparation of the system for trial operation (development of design and operational documentation, downloading reference information, downloading historical data, training in working with the system, integration testing), providing support at the stages of trial and pilot operation;
performance of individual works (stages of works) that make up the software (software) development process, testing, improvement, modification of software (software);
designing and creating databases in the process of developing information systems and software, preparing records for these databases in a given format, providing access to them, their support, maintenance.
Performance of work on the design and creation of information security systems includes:
inspection of critically important automation objects (CI) and development of technical specifications for the creation of their security systems;
design, installation, adjustment of security systems for CI;
development and support of the implementation of information security management systems at CI;
development of an organization's information security policy and a set of documents on the organization of information security at CI in information systems of organizations or in automated process control systems (APCS);
conducting internal control of CI;
development of the information security policy of the organization;
development of local regulatory legal acts of the organization aimed at implementing the information security policy;
classification of information stored and processed in the information system, in accordance with the law;
examination of the information system or process control systems and information flows in them in order to identify their inherent threats and vulnerabilities;
assignment of the information system to the class of typical information systems;
development of technical specifications for information security systems of information systems or process control systems;
development of security tasks for specific products and information systems;
introduction of means of technical protection of information;
development of programs and test methods for compliance with information security requirements for hardware and software and information processing tools, information security tools and information security control;
carrying out all types of tests, including trial operation, information security systems of information systems or process control systems;
certification of information security systems of information systems or automated process control systems for compliance with legal requirements.
Additional activities of the company:
Fundamental and applied research, experimental development in the field of natural and technical sciences (R&D related to HTP activities, including in the field of information society development) and implementation of the results of such research and development.
Development or individual stages of development (research, design (construction), testing, technical testing) of technologies, mechatronics devices and systems, embedded systems, software and hardware, software and hardware systems, components and computer equipment and implementation of the results of such developments with the provision services for their development in production or without the provision of these services.
Advising organizations on business and management issues in order to increase their efficiency with the provision of services for the integrated management of the development and implementation of integrated information systems and technologies.
Analysis of the information needs of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (system analysis, business analysis), consulting on the use of information technology for the purpose of innovation (reengineering) of business processes with the development of technical requirements for information systems and software.
Software publishing activities.
The company has a line of software products of its own design, which are widely used in projects carried out by the company:
- Software for the complex for collecting, processing and displaying energy accounting data, consisting of: Server for collecting and processing data (SofIT-Collection), Web-client (SofIT Web).
It is a comprehensive integration platform for accounting for energy resource data and a single Smart City platform that supports NB-IoT technologies;
- Software "SofIT SCADA".
Designed to develop and provide automation of dispatch control and collection of information about the monitoring or control object using sensors, controllers and other external devices of any type and manufacturer when creating automated process control systems, ASKUE and other systems;
- Software complex "SofIT-SCADA-Plus".
Developed on the basis of the SofIT SCADA software. Meets the requirements for software developed and manufactured in a protected version and can be used in automated control systems for processing information, the distribution or provision of which is limited, not classified as state secrets, and at critical informatization objects;
- Software complex "SofIT Housing and Public Utilities".
It is a comprehensive platform for automating the activities of energy supply organizations and housing and communal services;
- Software complex "SophIT telemedicine system - TeleDoctor".
Designed to organize and ensure high-quality and effective interaction Man - Medical Center - Insurance Company;
- Software complex "SofIT Insurance".
It is an automated system for managing the activities of an insurance company in terms of compulsory insurance against accidents and occupational diseases;
- Software complex "SofIT Shield".
Designed to build information security systems for information systems and automated control systems for various purposes and to ensure control over the integrity of files and configurations.
The scientific activity of the company is the most important element for the creation of high-tech and science-intensive software and hardware solutions, software products, automated systems and complexes for various purposes.
Employees of the company actively participate in scientific activities, ongoing scientific and scientific-practical conferences and seminars of various levels, constantly improve their scientific level and qualifications in specialized training centers, study at the master's programs of leading higher educational institutions of Belarus.
The main results and achievements are published in various publications, journals, scientific and technical collections, materials of conferences and seminars.

UNP: 193156727
The number of employees: 51-100
City: Array
Legal address: Kulman 21B-4, 9
Phone: +375 17 3972877
Experience: 5 years
  • Software development
  • Data processing
  • Fundamenal and applied research
  • Manufacture of knowledge-based materials and hi-tech devices
  • Technical and/or cryptographic protection of information
  • Cloud-based development of hardware and software
  • IT-consulting
  • System analisys, business analisys
  • IT-audit
  • Neural networs, artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Outsourcing of business processes
  • Software publishing
Sphere of competence:
  • Information Technology
  • Construction and real estate
  • Smart House
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Safety
  • Industry
  • Transport, logistics, communications
  • Banking and financial services
  • Energy and oil and gas sector