Izovac Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a scientific-manufacturing company. The current staff is 82 people, mainly specialists in physics of surface, thin-films and their application in creation of displays, optics and lasers, solar cells, etc. Specialization: R&D, design and manufacturing of vacuum technological systems for thin-films deposition; R&D, design and manufacturing of hi-tech components of vacuum systems; maintenance, retrofit and modernization services of vacuum systems. Technologies and products of the company participates in manufacturing chaing of products of Apple, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Huawei, etc. The products of the company are supplied to the markets of North America, EU countries, South-East Asia, Middle-East and CIS countries.

UNP: 100133538
City: Array
Legal address: 155-1004 Bogdanovicha Str., P.O. 184
Phone: +37517 2931842
Email: Pvt-i@izovac.com
Experience: 31 years
  • Software development
Sphere of competence:
  • Industry