Yellow Square

Yellow Square LLC

We build eCommerce that drives sales.

-         creating
recognizable brand style

-         creating performant and user-friendly website that
guides сustomers from homepage to the

-         getting to market

-         focusing on KPIs

Our company has been founded in 2018, located in the heart of the Grodno
city, Belarus. We specialized in creating brand style and effective eCommerce
web sites.

Effective website demonstrates high conversion, average order size and
users retention rates.  In order to
increase the general efficiency we focus on convenient and performant site and
use PWA (progressive web app) to maximize results.

UNP: 591028454
City: Array
Legal address: Podolnaya str. 37, off. 302
Phone: +375 (29) 825-94-92
Experience: 3 years