Radmetron is a Belarusian scientific and technological company that develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment, measuring instruments and software for radiation monitoring.  

The company specializes in the production of dosimetric, radiometric, spectrometric and complex devices for monitoring personnel exposure, preventing unauthorized movement of radioactive and nuclear materials, radiation control of raw materials, finished products and waste, monitoring the radiation situation at facilities, territories, in crowded places for safety and incident prevention.  

Many years of experience in developing radiation monitoring equipment for various users allows us to create serial and unique products that ensure the radiation safety of professionals working with ionizing radiation sources, specialists responsible for the safety of the population and the environment, as well as everyone around the world.  

Radmetron products: 

  • Certified for compliance with the requirements of international technical regulations. 
  • Designed to meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. 
  • Reliable and easy to use, ideal for both professionals and home use. 
  • Verified and certified by accredited testing laboratories 
  • Medicine 
  • Nuclear power 
  • National security 
  • Customs and border control 
  • Emergency response services 
  • Industrial and transport safety 
Key tasks:  
  • Dosimetric control of personnel 
  • Environmental radiation monitoring  
  • Radiation control of raw materials, finished products, waste 
  • Ensuring radiation safety of facilities and public events 
  • Prevention of unauthorized movement of nuclear and radioactive materials 
  • Counteracting terrorist acts using radioactive and nuclear materials 
  • Overcoming the consequences of accidents and emergencies associated with radiation sources  
  • Metrological maintenance of radiation monitoring equipment (verification, calibration and testing)

UNP: 100345122
Year of foundation: 1992
The number of employees: 101-500
City: Array
Legal address: mail address: Skoriny st., 51/1
Phone: +375 17 336-68-68
Email: info@radmetron.com
Experience: 32 years
  • Software development
Sphere of competence:
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Safety
  • Ecology