Skyrocket Ltd. develops and promotes market-leading mobile apps on the App Store. The company offers advertising and marketing expertise to third-party developers. Skyrocket’s passionate team can help developers at all stages of app promotion namely market and competitor analysis, app store optimization, world-class user acquisition and monetization. We leverage mobile and advertising analytics to come up with detailed recommendations on how app developers can optimize their user acquisition efforts and improve their apps.

 Skyrocket’s portfolio includes:

Translate Me - a powerful app to translate text, speech and even have real-time translated conversations

Language learning, health & fitness apps

Voice changer app which allows you to change your voice to any celebrity voice instantly

UNP: 193128275
City: Array
Legal address: Prytyckaga str. 2/3 – room 4
Phone: +375 (29) 376 16 30
Experience: 5 years
  • Software development
Sphere of competence:
  • Games and entertainment