Viber Media

Viber Media was founded in March, 2012 for the development of the essentially new IP communication application based on various smartphone platforms.
Viber application detects user’s phone number as his identifier and his phone address book as a contact list. After sending user’s address book to the server, Viber can check which contacts from the contact list use Viber. Then a user has an opportunity to make free calls worldwide, send free text and photo messages with location-sharing including group messaging. At the moment Viber is available for smartphones and tablets based on Android, iOS, Windows Phone; desktop version is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
In 7 days after Viber appeared at the Apple, there were 3 million downloads worldwide.

UNP: 191699514
The number of employees: 101-500
City: Array
Legal address: Room 19, office 17, 20 B Platonova Str.
Phone: +375-17-240-36-44
Experience: 12 years
  • Software development