VebiKo LLC is a Belarussian organization, which specializes in outsourcing of business processes in the field of online trading in the US market. The company, founded in 2016, specializes in gathering and analyzing information on products, prices, promotions and innovative decisions of numerous suppliers from different business sectors, and also keeps tracking the situations on various online marketplaces. Here at VebiKo, we process gathered information and evaluate the risks and benefits of implementation of the discovered operational methods and the prospects of the new findings. Then we give recommendations on inventory replenishment and expanding of the assortment, work out delivery plan to cut down shipping, processing and storage costs. Also, VebiKo provides support of further sales by monitoring and adjusting pricing on all marketplaces the products are sold at, calculates optimal stock levels and prepares a roadmap for maintenance of key performance indicators.

Current number of staff members is 35 and the key customer is Weby Corp Corporation (USA).

UNP: 192600666
City: Array
Legal address: 58A Nezavisimosty Ave, office 34
Phone: +375-29-155-60-31
Experience: 8 years
  • Software development