44 new companies join Hi-Tech Park

30 January 2024

Hi-Tech Park Supervisory Board has approved the list of 44 companies to be registered as Hi-Tech Park residents. 

Among the newcomers are companies with expertise in industry, healthcare, fintech, gaming, mining and tourism. Six of them are with foreign capital, established by the representatives of China and Russia. 

Engineering Centre Yadro, the development centre of the Russian technology company YADRO (part of the IKS Holding), combines the development and production of computing platforms, data processing and storage systems, telecommunication and networking equipment, personal and smart devices, microprocessor cores and fabless-development of microprocessors.

TILCOM intends to develop and produce sensors, telemetric measuring systems, measuring amplifiers for tensometry, application software for visualisation, which are used in mechanical engineering and electrical industry. 

VNP Bel will focus on the creation of digital twins of buildings, structures and enterprises. For the convenience of using digital twins, hardware and software complexes will be created to determine the exact location on the object, as well as for visualisation of the interaction with the digital twin.

Black Solutions aims to develop and implement mechatronics systems that enable automation and robotisation of production processes at industrial enterprises. 

AI Software offers its solutions in the field of healthcare.  The company intends to develop and produce its own mechatronic universal assisting surgical complexes that allow remote surgical interventions. 

Grinster, in turn, will design an information system to facilitate the analysis of patient biopsies.

Digital Resuscitation plans to further develop, implement and adapt its own software, RIAmed. It is based on algorithms and technologies for collecting and processing big data from medical equipment in real time in order to manage risks when making medical decisions.

UniApps will continue to develop its own products - Sound Amplifier, an application for people with hearing problems, and Heart Rate Monitor, a heart rate monitoring application using the phone's flash and camera.

Christy Travel will further develop and implement its own cross-platform mobile applications GeoLoc (monitoring and tracking the movements of a child, as well as relatives and friends with the function of exchanging photos and chat messages), Camy (video surveillance of the house, office, shop and other places with the possibility of connecting an infinite number of cameras), Digital Nanny (an application using neural networks for parents with the function of monitoring young children).

The VK International Group also introduces a new resident, VK Solutions, which will refine the Zen blog platform, the VKontakte social network and the VK Tech business platform. 

Today, Hi-Tech Park unites more than 1,000 companies.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.