Bynet development projects are presented at the hackathon

1 February 2023

Hi-Tech Park resident for the first time held its hackathon to generate ideas for the development of Belarusian Internet. 

The event lasted for almost three days in the online format, the total time of live broadcast comprising more than 15 hours, and almost 100 people being simultaneously online. 

On the first day, the organizers got to know the participants and formed teams. Each team consisted of specialists with different competencies - programmers, designers, marketing specialists, and managers. 

A total of 19 projects were presented. Many of them focused on creating new services using the national domains .BY and .BEL, as well as analogues of foreign applications and products.

On the final day, the jury evaluated the teams according to 4 criteria: 

  • whether the project or idea solves the problem of bynet development: increases the number of users, develops Internet business or improves the Belarusian Internet segment infrastructure. 

  • how implementable the project is: it could have been designed in any format and should have been elegantly and minimalistically executed from an IT point of view. 

  • how clearly the idea is formulated: the presentation time is limited to 5 minutes, during this time the team has to present the project and get the jury interested. 

  • what is the team’s project progress during the hackathon. 

The places were distributed in the following way.

The "Passify" project presented an online solution, using neural networks, offering marketing services for businesses. The neural networks generate ready-made solutions depending on business goals and objectives. This project took third place.

The second place went to the online service "Weekend.bel”. The team offered a solution to help Belarusians choose various places and events for self-development and recreation according to their request. All this came with a quick search, easy navigation and gamification elements. Participants created the site on CMS Drupal with the support of PWA technology, offering events, taking place in particular regions. 

The winner was the online service "Tvoi bezkashtovny repetitar" (Your free-of-charge tutor). The platform is an alternative Belarusian language tutor, based on interactive video lessons and test assignments tailored according to the user's level.

The purpose of the hackathon was to engage young teams in the development of new projects that increase the number of Belarusian Internet users, make it easier for entrepreneurs to work online, and make bynet more accessible, modern, and secure. (Reliable Programs LLC) has been Hi-Tech Park resident since 2019. The company is the largest domain registrar in the country and offers industry-specific IaaS solutions for corporate clients, small and medium businesses.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.