Healthcare digital transformation is in the spotlight in Hi-Tech Park

25 October 2023

Healthcare digital development was discussed during the seminar hosted by the Hi-Tech Park business incubator. The event was attended by founders of medical startups, Hi-Tech Park residents, as well as experts and representatives of healthcare sector. 

The seminar agenda covered the issues of healthcare digital transformation, development of national information systems and services, as well as interaction between startups and the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Technologies, Informatization, Management and Health Economics (RSPC MT).

Dmitry Ruzanov, Director of the Center, in his speech highlighted issues, related to the healthcare system advancement, development of strategies and tactics, new organisational measures to improve medical assistance to the population.

IMG_6480.JPGParticular attention was paid to the role of the "Digitalisation Office" in the healthcare system development. Andrey Kononov, Deputy Director of the RSPC MT, noted that the basis of e-health is the centralised information system, that is the e-health core. 

"This is where all patient data, all lifetime information will be stored. Technical requirements for the digital healthcare system have been approved, technical requirements for the central program platform, the e-health core, have been developed.  The second part of the implementation process is to supply relevant software to healthcare institutions, which in their turn will provide information to the central platform", - said Andrey Kononov.

IMG_6551.JPGAccording to the seminar speakers, medtech startups are the key players in the healthcare sector transformation. 

The participants actively asked questions and voiced their concerns regarding the digitalization prospects in healthcare and options for e-health implementation mechanisms. It was interesting to hear the opinions of different experts on how digital technologies can help improve the work of the healthcare system and make it more accessible to the wide audience.


Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.