Hi-Tech Park is breaking records. Exports in 2021 exceeds $3.2 billion

28 March 2022

Hi-Tech Park has announced its operating results in 2021. This is yet another record set for the volume of exports during Hi-Tech Park history. It amounted to $3.2 billion at a growth rate of 18.9%. HTP accounts for more than 30% of the export of services in Belarus. 

The Hi-Tech Park external surplus  comprised $2.8 billion. Thus, it provided 75% of Belarusian foreign trade surplus in goods and services for 2021.

At the year-end Hi-Tech Park share in the GDP of Belarus reached 4.8%, its value in the GDP rate formation  accounted for 0.6 percentage points (out of 2.3%), . Thus, it ensured more than a quarter of Belarus' economic growth in 2021. 

Tax payments to the budget in 2021 increased by 76% and amounted to the total of 735.7 million Belarusian rubles. During the past year Hi-Tech Park created about 8 thousand new jobs. By the end of 2021 more than 78 thousand people have been employed at Hi-Tech Park. 

The number of new Hi-Tech Park residents continues to grow. 

In 2021 membership increased by 180 new companies, including 11 R&D centers of foreign corporations. Today Hi-Tech Park encompasses 1,065 members. 

Hi-Tech Park is actively involved in the development of a unique continuous training network for the IT- industry in Belarus: kindergarten - school - university. Additional field-specific education is available for children and youth in the regions. In 2021/2022 about 5 thousand preschool children from more than 300 kindergartens from all over Belarus participated in the educational project "Informatics without a socket" under the supervision of 486 certified tutors previously trained at Hi-Tech Park.

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