Hi-Tech Park resident presents e-learning marketplace EDUhub

27 June 2023

EdTech is actively developing all over the world. Extended online education has become a reality today. Not long ago we could choose only one profession for the life time. Now almost everyone has a chance to retrain and move on to a completely new field. All you need for this is just a laptop and internet connection.

Lead Provider, Hi-Tech Park resident, has decided to facilitate and improve educational process by developing its own EdTech product - Educational Hub, a marketplace for educational services. 

"We wanted to make extended education more accessible, and came up with the idea of creating this platform. Modern extended education has become an integral part of our lives and, as global practice shows, tends to be growing rapidly. It allows people to acquire new knowledge and competences that will help them adapt to career changes and remain competitive," said Alexey Mordashko, Director of the company.

The Educational Hub marketplace is a user-friendly service for searching and selecting suitable courses. Schools can effectively sell their own training programmes there. Currently, the resource contains information about educational services, their cost, discounts, duration and modality of training, location, up-to-date schedule, starting dates, etc. The showcase of courses is divided into 8 areas of training, including sales, marketing, design and graphics, programming, finance, HR, management and others. All possible areas of training will be added in the nearest future, including those for child development - creativity, dance, sports, etc.

This solution allows to aggregate not only information, provided by schools, but also the demand of users (individuals and organizations), who are trying to find such information. Schools, in their turn, can access analytics that includes details on how many users are in search and what kind of courses they are looking for, as well as the desired training format, city/district - if they are looking for offline courses.

EDUhub in its final version will consist of 12 blocks, each of which will solve separate tasks. As of today, the platform includes 3 blocks:

- course aggregator (B2C);

- tender platform for companies to select a provider for external training of employees (B2B);

- partner programme (B2B, B2C). 

"We gave preference to working in a marketplace format rather than as an advertising platform. This allows us not to think about attracting as many schools as possible to the site. We benefit from working with the best schools, as it is important not only to sell courses, but also to gain trust in the service, so that the client comes back to us in search of courses every time there is such a need, - noted the company’s director and added: - The benefit for the users is that they are not getting a huge amount of irrelevant information, which makes it difficult to choose a suitable option. There will not be too many offers, but the information will always be up-to-date, the prices optimal and the quality of services excellent "

According to the developers, Eduhub.by is a platform that will enable corporate clients to optimize their employee internal training costs, as well as help their staff minimize time spent searching for suitable courses and save money on training.

EDUhub provides free services to companies (corporate clients):

 - tender platform;

- partner programme to create networks of partner schools that provide discounts to company employees and their family members.

Tender platform is a tool that allows users to launch a tender for the selection of an external provider for employee training in a couple of clicks.

A partner programme is an opportunity to create a network of partner schools (or upgrade an existing one) that will offer discounts on their training programmes (including programmes for the employees' children) to all company stuff.

Employees of partner companies will be able to select courses for themselves or for the children among all schools on eduhub.by, regardless of whether the school is a company’s partner or not; compare offers from different schools by price, taking into account partner discounts; leave a request for course selection, if there is a lack of free time to search for a suitable educational option; find the ongoing groups with the opportunity to join in at a later stage. 

"We are launching the marketplace together with the 'Partner Programme from EDUhub'. It unites schools and companies in a network, within which schools provide discounts on training to company employees. For them it is an opportunity to study at the best price and get a bonus for feedback and evaluation of the school. For schools - it is an opportunity to attract students without incurring marketing costs, and for companies - to develop their benefit programme without financial expenditures, save on corporate training due to EDUhub bonuses ", - stressed Alexey Mordashko.

About 30 leading schools are already represented on Eduhub.by, including those with IT focus - Stormnet IT Academy, BELHARD Academy, IT-Academy. By the end of 2023, the HTP resident plans to bring this number up to 150. The focus is primarily on quality rather than quantity. Today EDUhub partners include banking sector, logistics, pharmaceuticals, as well as manufacturing companies. It is expected that in the next six months about 200 new companies will be registered on the marketplace.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.