"Smart DNA", an interior design simulation app, an educational services marketplace. Hi-Tech Park welcomes new companies

18 May 2023

Hi-Tech Park Supervisory Board has taken a decision on to register 31 companies as Hi-Tech Park residents. Among the newcomers there are representatives of various spheres, including fintech, medicine, e-commerce, logistics, gaming industry, agriculture, mining, etc.

Residents with foreign capital have also joined Hi-Tech Park. Among them is CAE Group development center, CAE Technology. Capital Asset Exchange and Trading, LLC - a global trader operating in the semiconductor market. The Minsk office plans to work on long-term projects to develop CAE's digital trading platform.

"Lid Provider" intends to develop and enhance the Educational Hub marketplace for educational services. The resource will allow to place information about educational services, specify their cost, discounts, duration and form of training, location, starting dates of group trainings, etc. 

"Immersive" plans to develop and promote its own mobile game, Interio, an interior design simulator, which involves selecting materials of a certain type to fit out a virtual customer's room. 

"Smart DNA Technologies" will focus on developing a line of devices, multi- and single-use panels for Next Generation Sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing). They will differ from the offers existing on the market by their unique DNA detection technology. 

"iPiPlam" plans to design and develop its own software system LiveStream for organization and conduct of live broadcast gambling and its sale to Belarusian and foreign gambling establishments, as well as to develop other software for customers in the gambling business, including software platforms for the operators of virtual gambling establishments. 

"FoxTree" specialises in developing its own services for data exchange and communication in the Internet, including secure services. Among interesting solutions, a mobile application for analysing a person's physiological parameters SocialStroke can single out (for example, determining the likelihood of a stroke).

"DivaSoft" will develop its own software and hardware complexes for the agricultural sector, one of which is designed to manage and control the livestock enterprises, KORM+, and the other, Smart Farm, to manage the main production processes of agricultural enterprises.

"InDev Solutions" plans to create its own software, a unified state the development of websites for government institutions. 

"ExtBel" will continue to develop web and mobile applications in banking and financial services, healthcare, e-commerce and logistics. As part of the product vector, the company plans to further develop and implement a mobile version of the discount programme service for businesses.

Today, Hi-Tech Park brings together more than 1000 companies.

Hi-Tech Park Supervisory Board has also spelled out the regulations for the cryptocurrency brokers by approving relevant rules and requirements for the activities related to providing services for executing transactions with tokens for the benefit of other persons. 

Cryptocurrency brokers will be able to execute transactions to acquire, dispose of and exchange tokens in their own name on behalf and at the expense of customers. Such transactions may only be conducted through operators of cryptoplatforms - residents of Hi-Tech Park.

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