Hi-Tech Park welcomes new residents

14 July 2023

Hi-Tech Park Supervisory Board has decided to register 33 companies as Hi-Tech Park residents. Among the newcomers there are representatives of various spheres, including development of mobile applications and web platforms, medicine, fintech, e-commerce, logistics, gaming industry, agriculture, power engineering, electronics, environmental protection, mining, and others. 

Hi-Tech Park welcomed residents with foreign capital, founded by representatives of Moldova, Estonia and the UAE.

One of the brightest MedTech representatives is the platform "Medikt". The company is developing a hardware and software system for operating theatre equipment management and operation’s documentation, "Sirius", and the "Sirius" electronic computer. The solution will make it possible to visualise all processes during operations, display data of performed examinations (MRI, ultrasound, etc.) on operating monitors, as well as control all engineering equipment in the operating room, including its lighting, surgical lights, medical transformers, timers and stopwatches during a surgeries, etc.

The "ELITSOFT" company intends to develop its own software product "Faust view" for the detection of pathological changes in breast radiation diagnostics data using artificial intelligence algorithms. 

"A.G. Softworks"  will focus on the " Boook"  platform enhancement to create interactive books, which have the form of Adventure games built around the plots of famous literary works, with an emphasis on solving puzzles, finding objects and paths, and solving intellectual problems within the story. 

"ARMOSOFT" is planning to finalise its own product - forest and landscape fire monitoring and early detection system "Lesnoy Strazh". This hardware and software complex combines machine vision equipment, server platform, system and specialised software, geoinformation system, security tools and data transmission channels.

"Gulny GAMES" will develop its own mobile games, including "Pixel Blast: block puzzle game", a block puzzle game in which users move blocks to create pixels image, as well as "Dots Art: Collest Em All", a game in which players must connect dots and solve puzzles.

"BHV Tech Development" plans to develop its own investment platform Kombi for Belarusian commercial banks. The service will allow private banking clients to carry out investment activities in the stock and debt markets through a special interface via interaction with various brokers and exchanges. 

"SmartAirKey-Bel" will create Belarusian Regional Information Utility System, which involves simultaneous implementation of two projects on smart city technology: Unified urban (regional) keyless access environment" and Property management system.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.