#IT_link Winners Determined

#IT_link Winners Determined
23 May 2016
23 May 2016

493 projects participated in the contest. We received 336 drawings, 100 collages and 57 projects presenting different IT professions from school students of all regions of Belarus.

The Hi-Tech Park thanks all participants, their teachers and parents for creativity and inspiring ideas!

We congratulate the winners and invite everyone to take part in the award ceremony! The ceremony will be held in the HTP business incubator on May 24 at 11.00.

Winners in the Drawing a Programmer Category

I Degree Diploma

Stanislav Misura, drawing "Computer Genius and CatComp Yuter-67"

Sophia Chuklai, drawing "Programmer's Dream"

Anna Titenok, drawing "Future is Ours"

II Degree Diploma

Maxim Zhiburt, drawing "Project of the Future"

Anastasia Sadkovich, drawing "Problem Solving"

Alesia Novash, drawing "In the Spotlight"

Anna Molochko, drawing "Evolution of the Programmer (not Darwin's Theory ;)"

Sophia Arakcheeva, drawing "Programmer Thinking"

Uliana Savenok, drawing "Noble Programmers"

III Degree Diploma

Ekaterina Kitovich, drawing "Programmer Resting"

Valeria Olizar, drawing "Virtual World"

Alexei Kazhevka, drawing "I am a Programmer"

Margarita Ruksha, drawing "Young Programmers"

Darya Prytkova, drawing "My Friend Programmer"

Kirill Shakun, drawing "Internet and I"

Anastasia Vorobiova, drawing "Connection to the Universe"

Karina Koroliova, drawing "Mind Power"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Alexander Deviatkin, drawing "The Keyboard of Knowledge"

Daniil Priseko, drawing "Virtual Assistants"

Ksenia Neverova, drawing "Programmer-Experimenter"

Daniil Fesko, drawing "I wish to Become a Programmer!"

Ksenia Krasnova, drawing "Girls Programmers"

Milana Reut, drawing "My Friend is Computer"

Alexei Volkov, drawing "Only Programmers are Going to Battle"

Winners in the World of Information Technology Category

I Degree Diploma

Christina Fazleeva, collage "World of Limitless Opportunities"

Darya Bychenok, collage "Look into the Future"

II Degree Diploma

Yaroslav Shakhnovich, collage "Men Have Unique Inheritance – Self-Created Wonder Intelligence"

Ksenia Letiago, collage "Modern Class"

Alexandra Dolgopol, collage "Little Wonderful Device Always Ready for Advice Saves and Stores Important Data to Remind About it Later"

III Degree Diploma

Nikolai Molochko, collage "World Wide Net"

Margarita Podoshveleva, collage "Man is Genius of Thought"

Alexei Litvinov, collage "Matrix"

Anastasia Medvedskaya, collage "Network Tree"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Erick Pliuto, collage "Evolution of Programming Languages"

Winners in the IT Profession Category

I Degree Diploma

Mikhail Ledokhovich, project "Medicine in IT"

Victoria Glek, project "Overview of IT Jobs in Today's Labor Market"

Andrei Krasitski, project "Data Scientist"

II Degree Diploma

Sergei Matsinov, project "Engineer-System Programmer-Game Designer – Job of My Dream"

Alexei Lazaruk, project "Mobile World"

Egor Golodushko, project "Web Designer"

Philipp Budnik, project "Game Developer"

III Degree Diploma

Vladimir Glukhov, project "5 Reasons to Become a Programmer"

Ekaterina Cherepok, project "3D Animator – On-Screen Life Creator"

Nikita Rogov, project "3D Animator – Job for the Soul"

Maxim Podkuimukha, project "Web Designer"

Polina Genash, project "Mobile Apps Developer"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Maxim Vinogradov, project "Video Game Developer"

Olga Dudkovskaya, project "Profession of the Future: IT Teacher"

Alexei Ponkratov, project "BigData"

Daniil Fiodorov, project "What is IT Professional?"

Nikita Cherniavsky, project "I Would Become an IT Professional, Teach Me What to Do"

Darya Erokhovets, project "Game Design & User Experience"

Danila Buinitsky, project "Game Master"

Maxim Bulai, project "Interview "Meet a Programmer"

Antonina Kamelchik, project "Front-End Developer"

Marina Tsadova, project "I Would Become a Blogger"

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.