How to Avoid Mistakes in Startup?

How to Avoid Mistakes in Startup?
24 June 2016
24 June 2016

On 23 June, the HTP business incubator hosted Alexander Chekan’s master class addressing Common Mistakes of Belarusian Startuppers.

During the master class, Alexander shared some examples from his own experience, classified typical mistakes Belarusian startups make and explained how to avoid them.

The expert determined three groups of mistakes:

Mistakes while generating ideas. Why is it important to analyze the market, what outcomes may underestimation of competitors’ activities have, how to save time and do not reinvent the wheel? And why startuppers solve problems that do not exist?

Mistakes while implementing the project. Consequences of poor concentration on the project and unrealistic timing and assessment of resources. What do bad UX and untested technology cause?

Mistakes while communicating with people.

What is the information gap? How to avoid a split-up of co-founders and disputes between team members?

Alexander described each type of mistakes using striking examples and real cases. The speaker also presented the model of negotiations between an investor and a startup.

Participants received detailed answers to the following questions:

• how to protect the idea?

• how to fend against corporate raiders?

• how to motivate the team?

At the end of the master class, Alexander offered the participants to share their experience of working in a startup.

For reference:
Alexander Chekan acts as the head of TUT.BY since 2012. He has initiated and developed a number of Belarusian content projects. He is also a consultant and mentor to IT startups.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.