HTP Awarded the Winners of the National Computer Programming Olympiad in Vitebsk

28 March 2011

The winners of the National Computer Programming Olympiad of 2011 together with the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Kazimir Farino 

On March 26, 2011 the results of the 24th National Computer Programming Olympiad were resumed and the award ceremony took place. The winners are the students of comprehensive schools and institutions providing vocational and specialized education. 122 students presenting all Belarusian regions took part in the final round.

This time the assistance in organizing and running the National Computer Programming Olympiad was delivered by HTP resident-companies: System TechnologiesGame StreamTietoSoftClubIBA Gomel ParkMarcoViaden MediaTKP-Soft and Numerical Methods.

Alexander Martinkevich, the deputy director of the Administration of Hi-Tech, is presenting a special prize to one of the participant of the Olympiad, who was the best among the ladies.

HTP also presented two special prizes: a notebook and an iPad to the best youngest participants of the Olympiad. 

Participation of HTP resident-companies at the events, directed at supporting talented young people of the country, is an important part of cooperation between HTP and IT specialists training system. It contributes to raising the popularity of technical education and encourages pupils to continue IT education. 

Leaders of the team-contestants of the final round of the National Computer Programming Olympiad

Gennady Korotkevich has become the absolute champion of the Olympiad getting the highest score (780).
Vitebsk team won 12 diplomas, Gomel – 11 and Minsk scored 9 diplomas of different degrees. Summarizing diploma points and the average score the absolute leader was Gomel team. 

You can see all the results here.

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Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.