New HTP Educational Program for the Faculty Members of Belarusian Technical Universities

7 April 2011

A new educational program for the technical departments’ faculty of Belarusian universities has been launched today in HTP on the basis of India-Belarus Digital Learning Center. The teachers took part in free practical seminars which are held by the top trainers of HTP resident-companies. 

In March 3 practical seminars were held on Agile Methodologies in IT-Project Management. More than 60 teachers from 10 universities took part in the seminars during which they learned in practice the use of Agile methodologies in industrial software development.

During the first seminar new educational technologies were performed – videoconferencing system was used. This allowed to hold an online class via Internet from the learning centre in Minsk to Yanka Kupala Grodno State University and Vitebsk State Masherov University.

The trainers of the seminars are experienced specialists of Exigen Services Minsk Development Centre. The seminar had both theoretical and practical sections. The trainers of Exigen Services talked about modern approaches in running IT projects, giving the detailed description of engineering and organizing techniques used in Agile approach.

Andrey Ralko, the director of Exigen Services Minsk Development Centre, says:
“Our education system provides good training to students when it comes to solving technical tasks, but still it doesn’t pay proper attention to the significant for industrial programming moment – project cooperation. Our seminar is targeted particularly at filling the gap. We have told the teachers about modern methodologies and engineering techniques applied in the real life IT projects. We have shared with them the methods which can be used while teaching students”. 

During the classes the teachers learned the major concepts and basics of Agile methodologies, joint design, and integration and module testing. The attendees were presented with the certificates of India-Belarus Digital Learning Center in ICT. 

Leonid Voytsekhovich, Brest State Technical University, says:“Such trainings should be held in future on a regular basis due to the need to provide the communication between the universities faculty members and the companies the students are being trained for to work in future”

On April 8, 2011 another seminar will be held during which the specialists of HTP resident-company Itransition will talk about the software testing.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.