Nearly 1000. New residents in Hi-Tech Park

9 October 2020

The Supervisory Board of the Hi-Tech Park carried out a decision on registration of 83 companies as HTP residents. 2/3 of newcomers are companies registered in 2019-2020, that indicates the active development of startups. 76 residents work in Minsk and Minsk region, 3 – in Gomel,
2 – in Brest, 1 – in Mogilev and 1 – in Polotsk.

The residents with foreign capital established by representatives of Germany, Israel, Latvia and the United States, as well as 6 development centers of foreign corporations, have entered the HTP.

ITH Development (InTouch Technologies, Inc., USA) plans to further develop and improve the SOLO platform – a telemedicine solution. TangoMe, Inc. (USA) is represented in Belarus by TangoMe, which intends to develop a new functionality for the Tango Live streaming platform (applications for live broadcasting, video calls and messaging).

WebBee Technologies, as the development center of WebBee GmbH (Germany), works on the «Veranstaltungsbutler» - an event management application for organizing courses, seminars etc. in Germany. Veraxen Bel (Veraxen Ltd., Republic of Cyprus) plans to create and support mobile games.

FORTVISION LTD (Israel) will create a comprehensive solution to improve the marketing efficiency of websites and mobile applications. Business Solutions Lab Bel, as the development center of the BSL Group of companies (Russian Federation), plans to develop software for aircraft maintenance operations.

The transport sector is also represented by the Belarusian company BELSIMTECH. It develops simulation systems for training transport personnel (air, sea, land, metro, etc.).

The new HTP resident EVO Electronics is engaged in development of software and production of high-tech devices for the «Smart Home» and «Smart Building» systems.

LINLINE Medical Systems offers its solution for healthcare. The company plans to develop and manufacture the RECOLINE laser device, which allows to restore bio-tissues. Device can be used in dermatology, purulent surgery, rehabilitation and esthetic medicine.

AKDev Group creates the RadioHeart platform, where any user without special skills and knowledge can create his own radio station and organize twenty-four-hour Internet broadcast, accessible around the world.

Representatives of various fields, including logistics, e-commerce, game industry, medicine, fintech, audit, consulting and education have become new residents of the HTP.

Today the Hi-Tech Park unites 969 companies.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.