Smart construction printer and biometric payment in metro. 1000+ companies in Hi-Tech Park

4 March 2021

The Supervisory Board of Hi-Tech Park carried out a decision on registration of 65 new companies as HTP residents. More than a half of newcomers are registered in 2020-2021 that indicates active development of startups.

New HTP residents represent various business activities, including healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, gaming, transport, industry and agriculture.

Integration Distribution Projects develops software and equipment to pay fare in Minsk metro using biometric terminals. The company plans to create a border guard workstation with a face recognition system for people crossing the border.

BudRobot works on hardware- software complex consisting of a self-designed smart construction printer, embedded software and a CAD / CAM application for controlling a construction printer.

A1 ICT Services is separated from the telecommunication provider A1. The new company will focus on expanding the opportunities and services available to customers based on its own A1 data center, including customer information resources hosting, IT audit, cyber security, design and technical support of cloud solutions.

AMIS-IT is engaged in custom software for the following areas: industrial safety, environment and renewable energy sources, healthcare, power engineering, transport, oil and gas industry. Product line will be represented by its own mobile medical application for doctors and medical staff.

DLT Text is going to develop and support products of the international company iText, including cross-platform library and solution for generating and modifying PDF documents.

RINGL Software Development focuses on creating the universal platform for comfortable everyday and business communication with enhanced capabilities in the field of security, social interaction and e-commerce.

Residents with foreign capital as well as 2 R&D centers of foreign corporations also joined Hi-Tech Park.

Altoros Bel, as the development center of Altoros Corporation (USA), plans to create and support software in the area of decentralized finance and for anti-COVID-19 measures.

Deriv BY represents the multinational company Deriv and intends to work on various platforms in the field of online trading.

Today Hi-Tech Park unites 1021 companies.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.