First Group of Teachers is Ready for 1:1 E-Learning Environment Project

26 August 2011

First 18 teachers have acquired the certificates granting the right to implement 1:1 e-learning environment. 

A five day long training took place at Hi-Tech Park from August 22 to August 26 on the basis of India-Belarus Digital Learning Center in ICT. The training is based on a special Intel Corporation program – Teach to the Future. 

The attendees were prepared by one of the best trainer and gained practical skills on using computing and teaching technologies while working with children. 

Marina Livenets, Trainer, Federal Expert in Intel Educational Initiatives in Russia and CIS, says:
"The training enabled the teachers to learn the principal basics of working in 1:1 e-learning environment. They were trained to design teaching process, aimed at teaching skills to children necessary for everyday life and work in digital society. The attendees were solving tasks on planning the teaching process and fixing technical problems during lessons where each pupil has his own computer. Now the success of the project depends on their knowledge, experience, confidence and self-motivation“.

The training was interesting and informative. The teachers changed their views on contemporary lesson and learned how to use new Internet services aimed to improve efficiency of teaching process.

Nowadays computers are not seen as something exotic but still they have not turned into the well mastered instrument such as chalk and blackboard. Each year the education system gets more and more complicated caused by technical progress. The pressure on pupils increases and it becomes harder and harder to manage the huge information flow.

It is the use of information technologies at lessons that enables the development of skills necessary for modern life. Implementing ICT at elementary school lessons allows to move from explanatory and demonstrative teaching methods to practical methods when a pupil becomes an active party of the teaching process. First of all it is an opportunity to brighten up lessons, to arouse pupils’ interest to a subject. It also enables pupils’ conscious approach to studies.

 The training participators visiting EPAM Systems:

During the training the teachers also discussed the possibility of implementing 1:1 e-learning at elementary school and shared their thought about the project:

Marina, elementary school teacher:
”Implementing 1:1 program at elementary school will help pupils to work in information environment, will enable independence development, studying activity, learning diversity.“

Karina, Deputy Director of a school, teacher:

”1:1 model will allow to raise computer literacy, learning motivation of pupils, will vary forms and methods of working at lessons and will raise the level of skills and drills provided by secondary education.“

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.