Innovations, Start-up Companies and Investments were the Main Topics of the Youth Innovation Forum ”Science and Business 2011“

16 November 2011

The Youth Innovation Forum ”Science and Business 2011“ took place on November 15 within the frames of the Belarusian Innovation Week under the auspices of Hi-Tech Park administration.

Belarusian and international experts told youngsters about importance and significance of innovation, start-up companies, investments and the ways to attract such. 

Opening the Forum Igor Voytov, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus, and Vladimir Kazbanov, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of NAS of Belarus, spoke about building innovation-friendly environment in Belarus and innovative management techniques based on modern information technologies. 

During his speech ”Youth and Innovation“ Valery Tsepkalo, Director of HTP administration, spoke about almost endless opportunities provided by IT sector, naming as example now successful Belarusian IT companies which only few years ago were start-ups.

Rupert March, Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism Director, gave presentation ”Building the Future: How to Launch a Hi-Tech Company“ where he spoke about the general trends of start-up companies development and about support that Microsoft corporation delivers to young companies.

Igor Kovalev, Chairman of the management board of ”Business angels and venture investors network “BAVIN“ gave presentation ”Entrepreneurs Networks Role in Innovative Economy Development“. 

Following experts also spoke at the Forum:

Vitaly Bogachuk, Apaxys Ventures Fund Partner
”Angel investing (ideas/prototype/seed money)“

Dmitry Chikhachov, Runa Capital Managing Partner 
”Smart money for smart start-ups“

Nikolay Ljakhovsky, Head of Venture Capital Investments Agency 
”Trends and Mistakes of Belarusian IT start-ups development“

Anatoly Grishanovich, Deputy Director of Belarusian Innovation Fund
”Modern organizational and financial techniques of innovative activities“

Stanimir Minov, Velcom Business Development & Competitive Intelligence Manager 
”Welcome to post-PC era“ 


The Belarusian Innovation Week ”Intelligence, Initiative, Innovations“ takes place on 15-18 November. 

More than 15 countries take part in the event, among them are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, India, China, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Germany. They are expected to discuss the progress made in the implementation of Belarus’ innovation development program 2011-2015, define mechanisms of enhancing the efficiency of the national innovation system, outline ways to promote innovation entrepreneurship and involve the youth in the processes of innovation development.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.