“Education for Future” Launched in Polotsk

29 October 2012

International program of teachers’ professional development “Education for Future” was launched in Polotsk on October 29, 2012 with the support of Hi-Tech Park.

One week training “Project activity in the information educational environment of XXI century” and “ICT: a strategy of an educational establishment development” began at Polotsk college of Masherov State University of Vitebsk. The aim of the training is to prepare national coaches for effective implementation of such courses into the curriculum of students majoring in pedagogics and all categories of educators doing postgraduate studies on the basis of regional institutions of education development.

The courses use new methodological approaches to skills development and evaluation and a number of additional online resources.

At the end of them, students who pass final tests successfully will get international certificates from Intel Corporation.

It is planned to make these training courses a part of curriculum at Grodno and Vitebsk Regional Institutes of Educational development and Grodno and Vitebsk State Universities, also.

The project is a part of Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in ICT in educational system, dated August 9, 2011 and signed by the Ministry of Education, HTP Administration and Intel Corporation.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.