HTP Residents - Now 118

26 November 2012

There are 9 new residents registered in Hi-Tech Park. The respective decision was made at the meeting of HTP Supervisory Board on November 9.

The following companies became HTP residents:

ARTOX lab,LLC (specializes in the development of software for realization of marketing events on the Internet);

Brimit,LLC (specializes in the development of web-based software);

R-Style Lab,FLLC (specializes in the development of software for electronic documents circulation and e-government);

Promwad Soft,LLC (specializes in the development of software for electronic devices and embedded custom systems);

Byte-Protect,private enterprise (specializes in the development of software for the spheres of insurance, expert-assessment and technical maintenance of vehicles);

Strevus,LLC (specializes in the development of data management software);

Playtika Bel,FLLC (specializes in the development of entertainment applications for mobile devices and social networks);

Software Security Systems, private enterprise (specializes in the development of integrated software solutions to prevent leaks of confidential information from information systems);

Sway, LLC (specializes in the development of software for automation of businesses).

Thus, the number of companies with the status of HTP residents has reached 118.

Altogether 10 applications from legal persons to be registered as Park residents were considered at the HTP Supervisory Board meeting.

Last time the number of HTP residents increased in May, when “residency” certificates were given to 4 companies.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.