Promwad Soft Team Became One of the First ARM Accredited Engineers in the CIS

19 August 2013

The team of programming engineers of the Hi-Tech Park resident-company Promwad Soft has successfully passed an examination for the ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE). Today it is the only certification available to evaluate engineers who work with ARM-based processors.

The AAE certificate proves Promwad Soft teams expertise which allows to accomplish tasks using top world-class solutions: the big.LITTLE computing architecture, multi-core processors. The AAE certification is designed for embedded software and systems developers who have a broad knowledge of ARM technology and use application processors and real-time processors in their projects.

For reference:

British company ARM Holdings launched its certification program in 2012, selecting 12 different fields to evaluate engineers from Beginner to Expert Level. The AAE is an entry-level certification which covers software-related aspects of the ARMv7 architecture with a specific focus on Cortex-A and Cortex-R processors.

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