HTP Opens IT-Academy for Younger Students

2 September 2013

Novopolotsk students of elementary grades received a special present for the Day of Knowledge - with the support of the Hi-Tech Park the It-Academy RITM (English: "rhythm"; Educational Information Technology for Kids) was opened.


Deputy director of the HTP Administration Alexander Martinkevich: "Younger students are still interested in learning as a rule, so that computer science classes easily turn into an interesting game for them, intensifying their curiosity and craving for knowledge in the IT sphere.

Delivering his speech during the opening ceremony, Director of the HTP resident-company Game Stream Victor Novochadov noted: "Over the past few years our students have confidently taken the first places at international olympiads in computer science. But we have to train a young generation and it is important not to miss the moment when students need their desire to study computer science and programming to be supported."

 The main objective of the It-Academy RITM is to create opportunities for early disclosure of younger students interests and aptitudes to study information technology and programming. Already in September students will be welcomed to join the following courses: "Scratch programming", "Educational Computer Science", "Computer ABCs", "Young Designer", "Safe Internet". In addition to educational classes and training to apply information technology in everyday life, gifted young students will be introduced to design and research activities involving IT.

"I would like to note particular enthusiasm of younger children who are not studying computer science in school, but already have basic computer skills and desire to continue studying of information technology. The IT-Academy enables willing students of elementary grades to display their talents," noted Anna Tveritneva, Head of the city digital center NOTA.

Director of the HTP resident-company R-Style Lab Vitaly Nikulenko congratulated the IT-Academy RITM staff on the new academic year and handed a tablet to the head of the Academy to enhance her personal mobility and monitor the dynamics of the project development continually.

The IT-Academy will also provide methodological assistance and pedagogical support to elementary school teachers on using ICT in the process of education. A master-class "Learning in the Clouds" and a computer course "Web 2.0 Services in the Work of a Teacher" are going to be the first steps in this direction.

The IT-Academy for younger students RITM is a part of the city digital center NOTA created with the support of the Hi-Tech Park in 2010.

In just three years, the IT-Academy NOTA has become a citys leading educational center in the IT-sphere. Today there are CISCO Network Academy, a programming school for students, a school for "advanced" teachers and a regional center for the certification of teachers, a computer literacy school for adults.

"Every educated person should be computer literate today, so that students and teachers have to upgrade and improve their information competence constantly. Specialists from Novapolatsk digital center IT-Academy NOTA provide supplementary IT education to students, teachers, and adults," said Oleg Buevich, Head of Education, Sports and Tourism Department of Novopolotsk City Council.

For reference:

Novopolotsk IT-Academy RITM is created due to financial support of the HTP resident-companies EPAM SystemsGame StreamIT ParkGodel Technologies EuropeR-Style LabSaM Solutions,Brimit.


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