HTP resident VirusBlokAda Ltd. gets Gold Anti-Rootkit Protection Award

16 April 2010

Belarus antivirus product Vba32 AntiRootkit aimed at finding and deleting malware was tested by independent research and information project Anti-Malware.Ru. The free utility developed by VirusBlokAda Ltd. was ranked second by the number of scored points and got awarded with "Gold Anti-Rootkit Protection Award".

A rootkit is a software program or coordinated set of programs designed to gain control over a computer system or network of computing systems without being detected. In virtually all cases, the purpose and motive is to perform any kind of malignant acts upon a host computing system.

12 specialized anti-rootkit products took part in the test:

1. Eset SysInspector
3. KernelDetective 1.3.1
4. Online Solutions Autorun Manager 5.0.11922.0
5. Panda Anti-Rootkit
6. Sophos Anti-Rootkit 1.5.0
7. SysReveal
8. Rootkit Unhooker 3.8.386.589
9. RootRepeal 1.3.5
10. Trend Micro RootkitBuster 2.80
11. VBA32 Antirootkit 3.12 (beta)
12. XueTr

The test was conducted on 12 malware programs, each one of which uses its own disguise method. A kit of samples was formed in strict accordance with a range of specifications, the main of which was the coverage of all the malware disguise methods.

The malware used during the test:

1. TDL (TDSS, Alureon, Tidserv)
2. Sinowal (Mebroot)
3. Pandex (Rootkit.Protector, Cutwail)
4. Rootkit.Podnuha (Boaxxe)
5. Rustock (NewRest)
6. Srizbi
7. Synsenddrv (Rootkit.Pakes, BlackEnergy)
8. TDL2 (TDSS, Alureon, Tidserv)
9. Max++ (Zero Access)
10. Virus.Protector (Kobcka, Neprodoor)
11. TDL3 (TDSS, Alureon, Tidserv)
12. z00clicker

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