Unique Educational Application Developed in HTP

2 December 2013

The HTP resident-company Sakrament IT developed and published with free access an experimental model of the Multimedia Library for School Students. The software system is intended to create a comfortable learning environment for modern children and will contain all textbooks, manuals, and optional materials within the curricula for grade 5-11 students.

The Multimedia Library for School Students was commissioned by the Ministry of Education and will include only approved manuals. However, the application will enable students to add and edit notes and bookmarks; it will also have capabilities of keyword search and speech synthesis. The project will be available for Windows and Android.

Currently, the experimental model of the system is available via free access. It includes materials on Biology for grade 6-11 students. The application allows to view an online version of the textbook, activate the access to the glossary of special terms, and add a subscription to get deeper and expanded knowledge from specialized sources.

Soon the application will allow students to receive updates and access additional materials on all school subjects, including video, pictures, and diagrams as well as 3D-models. The program will also have a capability of a reference glossary with its semantic network. Students will be able to see how the concepts are described within various disciplines, and study them, moving from the simple to the complex.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.