11 March 2014

The production of computer programs reached BYR 4.7 trillion which is 1.4 times as high as last year. 

The implementation of software developed in the HTP for Belarusian enterprises and organizations increased by 1.7 times and amounted to BYR 710 billion. A total of about 9 thousand projects were delivered by the HTP resident-companies for Belarusian customers.

The HTP largest suppliers on the Belarusian market: 

·         IBA IT Park

·         SOFTCLUB Development Center

·         Sberbank Technology

·         EPAM Systems

The HTP Administration and residents invested BYR 252 billion in the construction of real estate on the HTP territory.

Due to the implementation of measures to promote the HTP residents to foreign markets in 2013, the HTP production growth significantly outpaced the growth of the global IT market volumes. 

Thus, the export of software increased by 35% in 2013 and totaled USD 446.7 million. The net exports made up USD 435.6 million. The share of exports in the HTP total production came to 85 %.

The HTP largest exporters: 

·         EPAM Systems 

·         Game Stream

·         Itransition 

·         IBA IT Park 

·         Exadel

The HTP resident-companies provide services for customers from 57 countries. They resident companies retain their positions and successfully compete in North American and European hi-tech markets. 

The major HTP importers: 

·         the USA

·         Russia

·         Germany

·         Great Britain

·         Finland

·         Israel

·         the Netherlands

·         Denmark

The production growth was ensured both by the increasing number of employees in the HTP resident-companies and by the rise of labor productivity. 3 thousand new positions were created in 2013. While the number of employees increased by 20%, the production grew by 40%.

In 2013, 20 legal entities were registered as the HTP residents, including 13 companies which were established with the participation of foreign investors. 

Today, there are 140 resident-companies with 18 thousand employees in the HTP.

By the type of investment in the IT sphere:

·         64 companies were established by Belarusian investors; 

·         76 companies were set up with the participation of foreign investors, among them there are:

·         40  companies with 100% foreign capital;

·         36 joint organizations.

In 2013, six branches of specialized university departments were opened on the basis of the commissioned training center in the Park. The branches of the departments were created to strengthen links between higher education institutions and production companies as well as to enhance practical training of students. 

Currently, 14 branches of specialized university departments operate in the Park and about 60 joint science and practical laboratories are opened in the universities.

Over 200 teachers and 700 students from 20 Belarusian universities were trained on the basis of the India-Belarus Digital Learning Center in ICT in 2013. About 300 secondary school teachers learnt there how to apply modern technologies in education.

The HTP Educational Center provided specialized IT training for over 700 people.

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