HTP Resident Itransition Made Future Programmers Think Hard

8 May 2014

Itransition Opener 2014, an open intellectual contest, gathered together about three thousand future programmers who competed in solving puzzles for nearly a month. Being the first to solve all the tasks, five students went on to participate in the final of the contest held on April 24 – during the IParty. Each finalist received a new iPhone 5s. The main prize – MacBook Pro Retina – was awarded to Mikhail Mladinsky, a student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Belarusian State University (BSU), who was the best at solving tasks prepared by the organizers. 300 participants managed to solve the maximum number of tasks and received invitations to the final of the contest as a reward.

Contests for young "IT people" have been held by Itransition since 2011. Winners and other talented contestants get the opportunity to receive a free training in the company; successful trainees are offered to work in Itransition. Last year the winners of the contest were students and graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of the BSU, the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR), the Minsk State Higher College of Radio Engineering, the Faculty of Information Technologies and Robotics of the Belarusian National Technical University, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the BSU. This year, all the finalists are students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the BSU.

"The contest has been very intense this year," said Sergey Gvardeytsev, CEO of Itransition. "We are glad that a permanent community was formed. Several thousand people who actively participate in our contests solve problems and develop. When we held the first Itransition Opener in 2011, only a small percentage of participants were able to solve more than half of the tasks. Now, three years later, we can say that the level of participants has grown enormously. Despite the fact that our specialists increase the number and the complexity of the tasks, the participants` results are much better. This year, the finalists are all from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics which pleases me on the one hand as I graduated from the faculty and at the same time I encourage students of other faculties, primarily the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks of BSUIR, not to despair and to be more active."

Itransition gives priority to the support and development of future IT professionals. Conducting of such competitions among young "IT people" is, in many respects, the company`s contribution to the support of higher education, talented and motivated young people. The company actively cooperates with leading Belarusian universities by creating joint educational courses among other things.

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