EPAM is in the Top 100 best US companies by Newsweek

27 October 2021

The American magazine Newsweek compiled the US Most Loved Workplaces rating including 100 best companies "you would sell your soul to work for". The Hi-Tech Park resident EPAM ranks 49th.

The companies were evaluated according to several criteria: how employees feel about their organizations, internal values, ethical standards, benefits for employees (medical insurance, paid time off and so on).

Each company from the rating was given a short description. EPAM is loved because “even spanking-new hires can speak directly to the CEO, the organizational structure allows for decisions to be made in minutes”.

According to Newsweek, 36400 employees work in EPAM.  Official website says that there are 47850 specialists in EPAM.

EPAM Systems joined HTP in 2006. The company is the largest international software developer. Offices are located in over 35 countries.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.