National Finals of World Robot Olympiad Held in HTP

National Finals of World Robot Olympiad Held in HTP
25 September 2017
25 September 2017

National Finals of the World Robot Olympiadwere held in the HTP business incubator onSeptember 24. Over 200 young talents from 6 to 25 years old gathered together to showcase their knowledge and skills. The competition was organized for the fourth time.

The World Robot Olympiad(WRO) is the largest international robotics competition for young people. The Olympiad is held for the thirteenth year in a row and now attracts more than 20,000 teams from nearly 60 countries. This year,the Olympiadwill be hosted byCosta Ricaon November10-12.

To qualify for WRO, young people have to win national/state competition.

National competitions have three stages. The rules are the same but the conditions and positions of the elements are different each time. The competition consists of four categories,Regular, Open, Football, andAdvanced Robotics Challenge (ARC). The Open and Regular categories comprise three age groups.

Children aged up to 12 years old could compete in the Regular Elementary Category. Their task was to replace LEGO animals into their natural environment using robots.

Teenagers from 13 to 16 years old fought environmental pollution in the Regular Junior HighCategory.

In the Regular Senior High Category, 17-19 year teenagers built wind turbines.

The OpenCategory is a project based one. Students create their own intelligent robotics solution relating to the current theme of the season. Judges assess the complexity of the project and the code, as well as teamwork.

TheAdvanced Robotics Challengewas held as a tetris tournament. Robots had to find tetrominos on the field and make up lines.

The Axiom 2 team was named the winner in the Regular Elementary Category; Centauriwon in the Regular Junior High Category. Volat became the winner in the Regular Senior High Category.RB 002won the WRO football tournament.

Winners in the Advanced Robotics Challenge and the Open Category will be announced in a week. "They have minor mistakes so we decided to give them some time to improve the projects," commented Vadim Kruchkov, a judge, PR specialist at School ofRobotics.

We congratulate the winners and wish them every success!

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