Cool Goal! developed by the HTP resident Gismart tops global download charts

28 October 2019

A recent report from Sensor Tower provided insights into hyper-casual gaming scene. Gismart’s Cool Goal! continues to top global download charts making to the top three most popular games in September together with Sand Balls and Fun Race 3D.

Launched just over two months ago, Cool Goal! achieved instant success. It reached the top free games overall chart days after the global release, taking the top spot in over 60 countries. As of now, Cool Goal! amassed over 35 million downloads, with 15 million being downloaded last month. Cool Goal! five top markets by audience are US, UK, China, South Korea and Germany. 

The game became a trendsetter, as its success inspired other hyper casual publishers to develop their own football-themed games. 

Cool Goal! is a classic football-themed hyper casual title with a unique gameplay, cool graphics and trendy in-game characters that players can customise. The game puts players’ aiming, sharpshooting and logic skills to the test. Like in a traditional football game the player needs to hit the net, and the challenge is to pick the right trajectory and right time to avoid different obstacles to score.


Gismart is a leading developer and publisher of entertainment-focused apps and games with over 500 million downloads. The company operates within three primary focus areas - hyper-casual games, third-party game publishing, and music entertainment apps. Gismart’s top titles include Cool Goal!, Beat Maker Go, Piano, Guitar, WeDrum, Music Zen and Karaoke Face. Today Gismart unites over 280 professionals. The company is headquartered in London.

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