HTP Developed a Unique Project for the National Library of Belarus

27 March 2015
HTP resident-company LuxSoft developed and implemented a business process automation project for the National Library of Belarus to manage paid services.

The project is based on LS Trade Fusion, a trading system developed by LuxSoft. It was tested for compatibility with the computing equipment in the library and integrated with its automation system. Over 200 employees were trained to use the solution.

The system engages 70 desks in the reading rooms and work places of cashiers and administrators. Previously isolated areas of accounting – the fitness center and the observation platform of the National Library – were also connected.

The project was delivered in a very short time: the company won the tender in December 2014, and the project was put into operation in March 2015.

The next step will be the automation of cost calculation for the economic department of the library.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.